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Prioritize Public Transit, Not Private Cars

Ignorance in public transit is causing suffering to the people. Because of the various facilities to private cars people prefer private cars over public transit. As a result the number of private cars is increasing as well as traffic jam is also increasing. To avoid these problems it is important to control the number of private cars and to ensure convenient public transit. On 5th September 2015 11 am, Poribsh Bachao Andolon (POBA), Orunioyer Torun Dol, Mastul Foundation and Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust had jointly organized a human chain demanding development of public transit, rather than private cars.   

Speakers said that, transportation in Dhaka has become a big problem. Public transit is not available. Especially women face tremendous problem. Moreover, fare is increasing without any control. Number of private cars is increasing in an alarming rate. 95 % people in Dhaka walks or uses public transit or bicycle. But the focus is on 5% private cars. These cars are illegally parked beside roads or on footpaths. This is causing traffic jam and obstacles of walking.

In this situation we demand:

·        A reformed transportation system.

·        Enough number of bus in all routes.

·        Prioritize public transit over private cars.

·        Ensure well managed, safe and convenient walking environment.

·        Ensure integrated transport system with coordination among walking, cycling, rickshaw and other public transit.

·        Initiativ to control private cars like: increasing parking charge, increase ful cost etc.  

The human chain was chaired by Abu Naseer Khan, Chairman, POBA. Atiq Morshed, Coordinator, POBA; Professor Kamal Ataur Rahman, Chairman, Bangladesh Pace Movemnt; Atiqur Rahman, Project Officer, WBB Trust, Kazi Asif, Chairman, Mastul Foundation, Shahidul Islam Babu, Chairman, Orunodoyer Torun Dol, Makibul Hasan Bappi, Chairman, Youth Sun, Ashraf Afroz, Md. Akbar, Executive Membr, POBA and aminul haque, Chairman, Cycle Lane Bastobayon Porishod and many other were present in the program.