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Campaign held to keep Sankar Area Clean

If everyone takes up the responsibility to keep their premises clean, then the area will remain clean. Everyone should avoid dumping garbage here and there. This habit increases the risk of diseases. On 25h March 2015, community people organized a cleaning campaign in the Sankar area. The campaign was co-organized by Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust and Poribesh Bachao Andolon (POBA).

From the campaign speakers requested the flat owners to keep their own premises clean, to dump garbage in the specific van, to increase awareness among others to do the same and make children habituated to avoid dumping garbage here and there.

Speakers also requested the students and teachers of schools and shopkeepers to keep their own premises clean. They urged to City Corporation to prevent pollution strictly, clean up the city regularly and timely and also to implement laws and rules for banning uses of polythenes and avoid dumping any kind of garbage without specific spot.   

They also mentioned that it is our duty to keep our locality clean. We will create awareness among the local people. We want to make Sankar area a model of cleaned area and we must work to do so.

The campaign was led by Monjur Hasan Dilu. Other participants were Atiq Morshed, Coordinator, POBA; Principal Nurul Islam; Md Mosharraf Hossain Dulal; SM Ejaj Hossain Bacchu; Md Hemayet, Md Safur Khan, Manu Khan, Haji Nurul Haque Mondol, Md Bhutto, Md Shahed and students of Dhanmondi Yousuf High School, Ali Hossain Girls’ High School and Dhanmondi Kochikontho School.