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Signature campaign at Book Fair on World Cancer Day

Numerous people die prematurely due to deadly disease of cancer. Statistically, every year one and quarter million people is  affected by this disease only in Bangladesh and 91 thousand died among them.

According to WHO, about 60% death causes in Bangladesh is because of non-communicable diseases (NCD). It is proved that the use of tobacco products is one of the leading causes of NCD. Strengthening prevention system is needed to improve health and reduce the use of tobacco products. Giving importance on this issue, government has formulated specific rules and regulations as well as imposed 1% surcharge on tobacco products. Ensure of sustainable finance and coordinated initiatives will need to face the challenges of Tobacco control and prevention of NCDs.

On 5 February 2017, a signature campaign has been organized by Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust urging for sustainable funding for tobacco control at Ekushey Book Fair on World Cancer Day-2017.

While conducting the campaign, there present Helal Ahmed, Secretary General of Prottyasha Anti-Drug Organization; Farzana Zaman Liza, Research Assistant and Md. Mohiuddin, Project Officerof Tobacco Control and Research Cell; Shuvo Karmokar, Assistant Advocacy officer; Samiul Hasan Shajib and Abu Rayhan, Assistant Project Officer of WBB Trust; Anjan Kumar Haldar, General Secretary of Social Shelter; Dr. Md Anowar, Executive Director of Manobadhikar Shangstha and others.