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Need to increase taxes on tobacco products to prevent Child cancer

Cancer is identified as a silent killer for children. Among cancer-affected children, 90 percent of them are living in poor and developing countries. Every year about 13 thousand children in Bangladesh are being diagnosed with cancer. According to the Physicians of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Department, only 5 percent cancer among children is genetic, but about 95 percent causes by circumstances.

Direct use of tobacco products and second-hand-smoke are major risk factors for cancer. Tobacco companies are persuading the children for buying cigarettes tempting with various types of gifts. Increase tobacco price and taxes is an effective way for tobacco control. To protect cancer at all ages including children, increasing price and higher tax on tobacco products are vital.

To create awareness about the prevention of .children’s death causes by cancer, Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust organized mass-awareness campaign at Ekushey Book Fair on 15 February 2017. In this event, Shuvo Karmokar, Assistant Advocacy Officer; Sabina Yeasmin Khan, Documentation Officer and Abu Rayhan Assistant Project Officer of WBB Trust, Atika Hossain, Executive Director of Nabanita Women Welfare organization, Farzana Zaman Liza and Md. Mohiuddin, Project Officer of Tobacco Control and Research Cell; Towhid ud Doula Reza, Project Officer of AID Foundation, Umme Salma, General Secretary of Swapner Siri Organization and Feroza Begum, Executive Director of Banchte Shekho Nari were present.