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Youths need to come forward to Ensure Safe and Convenient Walking Environment

Considering congestion, health, fuel and infrastructure, walking is the most convenient travel mode. In Dhaka city every day around 60 lacs trips are conducted by walking. Even then improving walking condition is neglected here. Existing footpaths are not maintained and repaired properly. So people face lot of obstacles while walking. Youths should come forward to solve these problems. They should contribute to develop walking condition in their own community. A large portion of our society is the youths. They are capable to change the society. on 22nd December 2016, 11 AM, Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust and HealthBridge jointly organized a view exchange meeting on ‘Safe and Convenient Walking environment : Contribution of Youths’ at the Koiborto Conference Room of WBB Trust. 

Speakers said that, the main purpose of travelling is to move the passengers and products. But we have made our city unsecure by prioritizing cars in urban planning. According to a research in 6 places of Dhaka it has been found out that, 82% of the existing footpath is in bad condition and 79% people consider vehicle speed as a threat. To ensure pedestrian amenities, it is important to provide footpath, remove all the obstacles from footpath especially illegal parking, enough lighting, waste management and public toilet in the street. The contribution of youths is unavoidable to ensure equity in the society. They should come forward to ensure good walking environment. Only then it is possible to have livable city.

Speakers also said that, history says that, in any crisis youths have come forward. Our liberation war is one of the best examples of it. We all know that, livability is one of the important indicators of sustainable development. To ensure a livable city it is important to ensure safe and convenient travelling. To do this, government and non-government collaboration should be ensured. 

The view exchange meeting was moderated by Maruf Hossain, Program Manager, Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust and was presided by Gaous Pearee, Director, WBB Trust. Keynote speaker of the program was Atiqur Rahman, Project Officer, WBB Trust. Other speakers of the program were Debra Efroymson, Regional Director, HealthBridge, naznin Kabir, Deputy Program Manager, WBB Trust and students from various universities.