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Installed “Smoke-free Transport” sign on BRTC bus permanently

After the enactment of Tobacco Control Act, smoke-free signage stickershas established in all the transport of Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC).However, because the previously installed stickers have been damagedue to long time spent, BRTC has taken initiatives to set up permanent sign in the buses.On 09 December 2017, Mr. Md. Nazrul Islam, Secretary of Roads and Highway Department; Mr. Syed Ahmed,Executive Director of DTC and Mr. Md. Farid Ahmad Bhuiyan, Chairman of BRTC made a good start of this initiative through setting a “Smoke-free Transport” in a bus at Kamalapur BRTC bus depot.

During this time, BRTC Chairman Mr. Farid Ahmed Bhuiyan said that BRTC has been taking effective steps in the implementation of the passenger services and implementation of Tobacco Control Act.Today's initiative is part of that. Implementation of the Honorable Prime Minister's declarationfor formation of a tobacco-free Bangladesh by 2040 and this type of initiative will continue to protect the passengers from harmful effects of smokers. He expressed its heartiest gratitude to the Bangladesh Anti-Tobacco Alliance (BATA)for coming forward to take such steps in coordination with the BRTC.

It is noted that, in February 2016, a delegation of Bangladesh anti-tobacco alliance (BATA) met with Mr. MizanurRahman, the then Chairman of BRTC and requesting to install the "Smoke-free transport" on each bus as well as to declare all transport under BRTC “Smoke Free”. Subsequently, "smoke-free transport" signage has been installed in all the BRTC buses. Due damaging of the stickers with the passing of long time, "Smoke-free transport" has been written by screen print on the bodies and in different areas inside the buses.

Among others, Mr. Helal Ahmed, Acting Coordinator of BATA and Secretary General of ProttyashaAnti-Drug Club; Yusuf Ali, Deputy Executive Director of Prodesh; SyedaAnonnaRahman, Program Manager andShuvoKarmakarNetwork Officer of WBB Trust; Md.MohiuddinRussel, Research Assistant of Tobacco Control and Research Cell (TCRC); Rakibul Islam, Advocacy Officer ofAid Foundation and others were present in the program.