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Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) Dhaka 2017

The Urban Thinkers Campus is an initiative of UN‐Habitat conceived as an open space for critical exchange between urban researchers, professionals, civil society actors and decision‐makers who believe that urbanization is an opportunity and can lead to positive urban transformations. 

In line with the call of WUC Urban Thinkers Campus Dhaka 2017 was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh organized by International Union of Architects (UIA) and hosted by Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) in November 9 to11, 2017 on the theme: Innovation, Identity and Designing of Intermediate Cities for The City We Need.  Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust and many other organizations were partners of the event.

In order to address the practical issues of development and management of intermediate cities and hope to decode a solution from national and international stakeholders the Urban Thinkers  Campus was  held. the sub themes were Good  Governance  & Capacity  Building  Municipality  finance,  Efficiency & Quality of  Life ; Compactness, Density, Urban‐Rural Linkage; Climatic Conditions  & Resilience‐ Micro & Macro Climate impact; Place making & Sense of Identity .