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Minecraft Workshop on Boishakhi Playground Child Friendly

It is possible to develop a soil for all through the spontaneous participation of locals. Because the parks and playgrounds are socializing, entertainment, sports, emotional rest, and bodybuilding in the city. It is very important to make the field usable for everyone.

Healthbridge-Canada, Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust, Block by Block and UNHABITETorganized a three-day Minecraft Workshop on Boishakhi Playground Child Friendly on 11-13 April 2018 at seminar room, WBB Trust. Baishakhi field suitable for everyone, especially children, women and people with disabilities. Minecraft is a world famous game. Which allows any design to be possible. Architects or urban planners designed without having to talk to the locals, the architect's director Ishtiaq Zahir said in a workshop for local participation to help the children in the playground Rayer Bazar Boishakhi.This does not meet the needs of the residents. The Minecraft Workshop ensured the participation of locals, especially children. We do not know what they know about their area and needs. As a result, the data we get from them will help us to make the design of Baishakhi Playground. Later we will adopt the same method of development of field parks.

On the other hand, deputy city planner Hassibul Kabir said that this program was very nice in the Minecraft workshop.

Tariq Bin Yousuf, the janitorial engineer of the Dhaka North City Corporation, said that the involvement of the residents in the development of the park or playground is a new thing for us, which is very important in the true sense. Gaous Pearee, director of the "Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust," said in the inauguration of the workshop, "We worked on the Baishakhi playground, which is child-friendly for many days and accessible to everyone." Maruf Hossain, program manager, working for a better Bangladesh trust, was inaugurated at the inauguration ceremony. Participants will be taught to create designs using the Minecraft game. The mine expert Yuanyo Eisatlam will be helpful for that. The workshop was attended by 12 architects and planners, work for a better Bangladesh Trust and Institute of Wellington officials, including children, youth, professionals, political workers and the disabled in Rayer Bazar area.