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TAPS ban regulations have to be implemented for ensuring ‘Tobacco free Bangladesh’ by 2040

It is concerning to notice that, although the government continue their efforts to implement the Tobacco Control Act, tobacco companies have been violating the law and encouraging the people to use tobacco products. Observing in different parts of the country, it is found that tobacco companies continue advertising tobacco products using various strategies. So all the tobacco company should be brought under punishment for violating the law. Activists urged this to respective government authorities in a view exchange meeting on “Challenges and actions for stopping tobacco advertisement to control tobacco uses” on 16 July 2018 organized by BATA and WBB Trust at WBB Trust’s meeting room.

Regional Executive Officer of Zone -5, Dhaka North City Corporation Mr. S M Ajior Rahman was present as special guest in the view exchange meeting. As honorable guest, there also present Executive magistrate from Deputy Commissioner’s office, Dhaka Rozlin Shahid Chowdhury and Technical Advisor of The Union Adv. Syed Mahbubul Alam. WBB Trust’s Director Gaous Pearee presided over the meeting and keynote paper presented by Abu Rayhan, Assistant Project Officer of WBB Trust.

Representatives from government offices said, “Dhaka North City Corporation is sincerely working for tobacco control. The Deputy Commissioner's Office will also take initiatives to conduct mobile courts against the law violators following the law. Respective government authorities are keeping on their efforts to achieve the target of tobacco control. There is a strong tobacco control law in Bangladesh. In order to implement the law, the non-government organizations will have to come forward with the government to speed up the tobacco control activities. National Tobacco Control Cell needs to play more active role at national and local level.

Among others, representatives from TCRC, Supro, NATAB, TABINAJ, AID Foundation, Caritas, ACLAB, Gram Bangla Unnayan Committee, Bangladesh Girl Guides Association, BCHRD, Nabonita Women Welfare Association, Manobadhikar Sangstha, Himu poribahan, Heal, IWB, Nari Progoti Songstha, Dhaka Polli Sheba Sangstha etc. were present in the meeting.