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Proposal to Celebrate Car Free Street Events in Three Streets of Dhaka

From November 2017 Car Free Street event is being celebrated at Manik Mia Avenue on first Friday of every month. Car Free Street events are possible to organize at Nilkhet to Polashi Mor and road no 03 of Mohammadi Housing Society. Also initiatives will be taken to make the celebration community based. A working committee will verify the possibility of such initiatives and later provide recommendations. These decisions were made in a discussion meeting held at Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA) on 4th March 2018.

The discussion meeting was presided over Executive Director of DTCA Syed Ajmed and he thanked everyone for the continuous successful celebration of car free street since November. He said that, the celebration has attracted people. We are thinking to expand it. Already Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust and community people have conducted it at road no 03 of Mohammadi Housing Society.

Joint Secreatry of Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges Kamrul Ahsan said that, though we had doubt but we succeeded to celebrate car free street event in Manik Mia Avenue. The event has created awareness among people. We will acknowledge Honorable Minister of Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges in this regard. We will cooperate to conduct the celebration in other streets.

Associate Professor of Department of Urban and Regional Planning of BUET, Muslehuddin Hassan said that, BUET is working with DTCA since 1998. It is necessary to involve Dhaka University with car free street initiative. He proposed to organize car free street at Nilkhet to Polashi Mor.

DC Trsffic of Dhaka Metropolitan Police MD Saiful Haq said that, car free street event can be celebrated at 4 more traffic zone along with Manik Mia Avenue. It will be helpful to create awareness among people about car control. Also people will get recreation opportunity.

Program Manager of Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust Maruf Hossain said that, a guideline is necessary to celebrate car free street event properly. Besides, we need to identify the streets in map, where there are more non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians.

In the meeting Additional Executive Director of DTCA Zakir Hossain Mazumder, Project Manager Nur-e-Alam, Board Member of Bangladesh Institute of Planners Hamidur Hassan Nabin, Joint Secretary of Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) Mihir Biswash and other government and non-government organizers of car free street event.