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Skill Building Workshop on Tobacco Control Law Implementation

A joint initiative of the Bangladesh Anti-Tobacco Alliance and the WBB Trust held an online "Skills Enhancement in Tobacco Control Law Enforcement" workshop on July 9, 2020 at 11 am. Representatives of 80 non-governmental organizations from 8 divisions of the country attended at the workshop organized with the support of The Union. The workshop emphasized on the implementation of Section 5 of the Tobacco Control Act, as well as the implementation of guidelines on implementation of tobacco control activities by local government bodies to strengthen further tobacco control activities. In the main article discussion, the discussants provided detailed discussion and guidance on e-mobile courts, digital monitoring methods and licensing practices in tobacco product marketing in the implementation of tobacco control laws.


The keynote address at the workshop was presented by Ad. Syed Mahbubul Alam(Technical Advisor, The Union) under the chairmanship of Saifuddin Ahmed (Coordinator, Bangladesh Anti-Tobacco Alliance. The training workshop was attended by Aminul Islam Bakul (Tobacco Control Specialist), AKM Maqsood (Executive Director, Gram Bangla Unnoyon Committee), and Nasim Banu Shyamoli (Team Leader, Tobacco Control Project, YPSA). Syeda Ananya Rahman (Program Manager, WBB Trust) conducted the workshop. Kamal Uddin (Executive Director, NATAB) delivered the closing remarks.

Saifuddin Ahmed, (Coordinator, Anti-Tobacco Alliance) gave a welcome speech at the workshop. He said that the online medium is a powerful tool in tobacco control considering the present situation. In this case, the aspect of participation and coordination of all should be given importance.

Tobacco control experts at the workshop said that despite the ban on advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products under the Smoking and Tobacco Use (Control) Act, 2005, tobacco companies are using various tactics to encourage people to use tobacco products. In order to reduce the use of tobacco in the development of public health, it is important to enforce the ban on advertising properly. In recent days, anti-tobacco groups have been working with the government to enforce the law. The knowledge and skills gained from the workshop will further accelerate the tobacco control activities at the local level. Kazi Mohammad Hasibul Haque (AID Foundation) presented the technical aspects of e-mobile court at the workshop.

The workshop was attended by the representatives of various organizations including DAS Bangladesh, Satisha jubo & kishor Shangha, Projonmo, Rani, SAF, Dhrubo Foundation, Upoma shomaj unnoyon Sangstha, DDP, PDS, Prottyasha shamajik unnoyon Sangstha, SIAM, Moumachi, YPSA, NATAB, ABAS, Sidas, Institute of wellbeing, Dustho Manobotar sheba Sangstha, World Cancer Society, TPDO, Adorsho Manobsheba Sangstha, Polli Shahitto Sangstha, LOFS, Britto Foundation, Jannati Mohila Unnoyon Shomiti, Ashroy, Grambangla Unnoyon Committee, AID Foundation, TCRC, Bureau of Economic Research, BNTTP, Poribesh Andolon Moncho, RDC, DAPUS, Karapara Nari Kollyan Sangstha, Padma Shomaj kallyan Sangstha, Shetu, Ushika Shomaj Kallyan Sangstha, SUS, Ashroy Somaj Unnoyon Sangstha.