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Congestion charge will be imposed on private vehicles to reduce traffic congestion - Mayor Md. Atiqul Islam

Wide footpaths and bicycle lanes will be provided for private car control. Social organizations have to come forward to maintain the walking environment on the sidewalk. Bicycle ride sharing service Jo-Bike has been started in Dhaka North City Corporation area. We want to spread this service all over Dhaka city. In Khilgaon area, it is necessary to take initiative to create opportunities for socialization by organizing Car Free Street for one day every month. North City Corporation Mayor Atiqul Islam ‍said that on the program Dhaka City Transport Coordinating Authority (DTCA), Pallima Sangsad, Civil Rights Protection Forum, Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust and World Private Car Free Day Celebration Committee jointly organized the march on Saturday, September 25, 2021.

World Private Car Free Day is celebrated on 22nd September every year by the Dhaka Transport Coordinating Authority (DTCA) in a joint venture of government and non-government organizations. This year the theme of the day is "Let's go on public transport and walk, let's limit private cars". On the occasion of the day, a walk (walkathon) was organized from Malibagh Bazar Community Center to Taltola Market.

Khandaker Rakibur Rahman, Executive Director of Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority presided over the function. Also present were Md. Anisur Rahman, Joint Secretary, Road Transport and Highways Department, Md. Selim Reza, Chief Executive Officer, Dhaka North City Corporation, Shakhwat Hossain Shawkat, Councilor, Ward 23, Khilgaon; Director  of WBB Trust Gauss Pierre and others.

Khandaker Rakibur Rahman said the purpose of the World Car Free Day is to control private cars. Only 4% of people in Dhaka city have private cars. Most people travel on foot and by public transport. The traffic jam in Dhaka city is not for buses, but for private cars. We need to streamline our transportation through bus route franchises, wide sidewalks and modern public transport. Besides, the number of vehicles in Dhaka metropolis has to be determined according to the road capacity.

Md. Anisur Rahman said that in order to reduce traffic congestion, it is necessary to develop public transport system and impose various restrictions on private vehicles. We need to create a pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment. To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we need to build accessible, safe, affordable and sustainable transport systems for all by 2030 and improve the public transport system. We are working towards this goal.

Hafizur Rahman Moyna said that it is necessary to make the sand field in Khilgaon area suitable for all. Besides, the only children's park in Khilgaon area has been occupied for a long time. As a result, the entertainment of the children and adolescents of the area is being hampered. There is a lake in Khilgaon area but it is not working due to mismanagement.

Councilor Shakhwat Hossain Shawkat said, "We are working to make the Khilgaon area livable." Especially in consultation with the social organizations and civil society of the area, we are working on keeping the sidewalks of the area suitable for walking and cleanliness.