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Conviction of students to walk and cycle to school in corona coping and environmental development

Walking to school and cycling can control corona virus, health and environmental pollution, as well as reduce traffic congestion. Walking and cycling are especially important in maintaining physical distance and avoiding public places as much as possible, especially when dealing with Covid-19.The developed countries of the world have given more importance to walking and cycling in the comfortable life of the city long before the Corona period. Speakers expressed this view at a children's dialogue program titled 'Walking and Bicycle Friendly City: Thoughts for the Next Generation' organized by Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority, IWB, CCA, CCAB and WBBTrust on September 14, 2021 at 3:00 pm.

Gaous Pearee, Director of Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust, presided over the children's dialogue program. Debra Efroymson, Regional Director of the Health bridge Foundation of Canada, gave the introductory speech. Tahazzot Hossain, Teacher of Rayer Bazar School, Dhaka; students Ayesha Sultana and Kazi Tasmia Tamima from Khulna and Comilla were present as guests. The program was moderated by Md. Mithun, Assistant Project Officer, WBB Trust.

Debra Efroymson said in her introductory speech, although 93 per cent of the people in Dhaka city use public transport, walking and rickshaws, these means are not given priority in the plan. The number of private vehicles is constantly increasing due to uncertainties in the supply of public transport, bicycles and the development of the walking environment. To control the use of private vehicles, a walking and bicycle friendly environment should be created. In this case, it is necessary to take effective development projects.

Gaous Pearee said in his speech, due to infrastructural reasons, overweight, increasing mechanical dependence, pollution and other problems are being created in the city life. Last year, when the Covid-19 pandemic took a horrible shape, the issue of walking and cycling to save people's lives came to the front again with the previous context. Already the educational institutions have been opened. Emphasis needs to be placed on walking and cycling to ensure good health of students with corona virus.

Ayesha Sultana said, “School is a place of physical and mental peace for us. As a student we also need a safe school environment. When we go out now we see traffic jams, noise pollution, air pollution which is causing us psychological damage. As a result of walking, we feel very comfortable traveling in groups. We can deal with the corona virus by walking. Kazi Tasmia Tamima said, "Because of the closure of the school for a long time due to corona, we have also suffered a loss of education as well as physical and mental problems." Walking to school and cycling will play a role in physical and mental development.

Tahazzot Hossain said, at present the sidewalks have been made very narrow and there are no sidewalks in many places. Where there is a sidewalk, it has been occupied in various ways. All these issues should be taken into consideration.