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Safe food will be ensured in all wards of NCC says Mayor Selina Hayat Ivy during inauguration ceremony of farmers’ market

A farmers’ market has been inaugurated by Honourable Mayor of Narayanganj City Corporation, Dr. Selina Hayat Ivy to ensure safe and nutritious food to the city dwellers. Though Bangladesh is self sufficient in food production, it is lagging to ensure safe food. Farmers market ensures access to safe food and fair price to the consumers. Thus, it benefits both farmers and consumers and strengthens local economy. The farmers’ market will be held from 7 am to 2 pm on every Friday in Narayanganj and ten farmers selected by Department of Agricultural Extension from Boktaboli Union, who practice safe farming, will directly sell their products directly to the consumers at this market.

On 2nd September 2022, the inauguration event of farmers’ market in Narayanganj was jointly organized by Narayanganj City Corporation, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) and Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust and speakers opined such in the event.

The farmers’ market was officially inaugurated by Honourable Mayor, Dr. Selina Hayat Ivy. The event was presided over by Asit Baran Biswash, Councilor, ward no.15, NCC and was moderated by Ziaur Rahman, Senior Project Manager, WBB Trust. Besides, Moniruzzaman Monir, Councilor, ward no.14, Kamrul Hasan Munna, ward no.18, Sharmin Habib Binni, reserved Councilor, ward no. 13,14,15; Afsana Afroz Biva, reserved Councilor, ward no. 16,17,18; Gaous Pearee, Director, WBB Trust; MD Tajul Islam, Additional Deputy Director, DAE Narayanganj; Pedro Andres Garzon Delvaux, Food System Policy Economist; MD Zahangir Alam, Sustainable Agriculture Specialist, MD Anowarul Islam, Food System City Coordinator/NCC, Dhaka Food System Project, FAOBD were also present in the ceremony.

Dr. Selina Hayat Ivy said, ensuring safe food is a great challenge for us. We are working hard to ensure safe food and a healthy life for the city dwellers. We have taken various initiatives to create safe and convenient walking environment and improve parks and playgrounds. Farmers’ market is our tradition and the safe food available in this market will play an important role to improve public health.

Gaous Pearee said, farmers market is important to ensure safe food and benefit future generation. We hope Narayanganj City Corporation under the leadership of Dr. Selina Hayat Ivy, will support to make this initiative successful and sustainable.

MD Tajul Islam said, to ensure safe food Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) supported to select farmers who practice safe farming. Due to lack of availability of safe food, we are suffering from various diseases. By supplying safe and nutritious food, it will be possible to improve public health.

Pedro Andres Garzon Delvaux said, farmers are the main driving force of farmers’ market. I thank them whole heartedly. This market will ensure safe food to the consumers, as well as fair price to the farmers. Farmers’ market is a tradition of rural Bangladesh. We want to replicate that in the urban area.

Asit Baran Biswas said, City Corporation does not only build infrastructure or maintain streets or footpaths but also works to improve public health. Thus, the initiative of farmers’ market has been taken. This is a project under Dhaka Food System project. We hope, NCC will take initiative to establish permanent farmers’ market in all wards.