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Existing laws and policies that hinder tobacco control
The development of the health of the people of a country is closely related with the existing laws and the policies of that country. Some of the selfish groups are trying to influence all the principles to fulfill their own interests. Tobacco companies have been making the most active role in various self-communist groups. Like many other countries of the world, it’s also a big challenge to face Tobacco Industry Interference in formulating tobacco control law in Bangladesh. Currently, this challenge is also visible. Even after having the potentiality to play a leading role in tobacco control, in many cases we are falling behind. To provide more emphasize on tobacco control and take proper initiative in controlling tobacco companies is badly needed to develop the health of the people. In addition to enacting laws on tobacco control, raising taxes and imposing surcharges, it is important to update the provisions of other laws in the state that may hinder tobacco control as needed. The law, policy and commandment which is creating obstacle in tobacco control activities has been discussed in this policy paper.
1In 1990, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare took the initiative to stop advertising of tobacco products by formulating tobacco control law. But it was not possible due to the interference of tobacco companies. 2After 15 years of this incident, in 2005, the advertisements of all types of tobacco control products has been banned by formulating the Tobacco related product uses (Control) Act. However, in this long period the companies have got the opportunity to attract thousands of young people by advertising. While there is no explicit information on why, how and by whom this great initiative of the government to stop the advertisement of tobacco products was stopped but it is a clear example of the influence of the tobacco company. It is important to stop such opportunities of tobacco companies to protect public health. Read more...