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A Preliminary Study on Developing a Waterway Transport System for Baridhara, Rampura and Sonargaon through Hatirjheel

Since Hatirjheel has importance from many perspectives. First of all, it connects a different important locations of the city which have both residential and commercial significances. Secondly, this place has its own recreational and aesthetic value. Moreover, a big number of people uses this route to move from one place to another in Dhaka. The idea is to propose a waterway transport system to the citizens of Dhaka area at Hatirjheel. And Gulshan Banani Lake to connect a waterway transport system for the city dwellers. This will reduce the hassle of the commuters by reducing the travel time in a greater ratio and they will not have to face any congestion as well.

The middle income group will have an opportunity to avail low cost transport mode. The productive hours will be thus saved and this will reduce the burden on the road traffic. As a result traffic, this approach will play an effective role to decrease traffic congestion in the surrounding areas. People living in different parts of Dhaka city can travel towards their work place, schools, universities and other institutions within a very short time since these lakes are wide spread in the city and if these can be connected this will provide an inland water transport network. The water transport network will be comprised of boating facilities and landing stations. To run the overall network the waste management, environmental aspects, water quality, people’s accessibility, accessibility of differently abled persons. Thus this project will ensure people’s mobility at a very cheap rate. Moreover this will reduce traffic volume on the roads, and let people use public transport facility which is environment friendly. Download Report