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About Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD)

NCDs are a growing problem worldwide, causing ill health and early death. The main risk factors for NCDs are tobacco and alcohol use, poor diet, and insufficient physical activity. WBB addresses the policy and built environment that will make it easier for people to avoid contracting an NCD.

Key activities of NCD work of WBB Trust

  1. Organized 7 divisional capacity building workshops for NGOs on NCD issue.
  2. Regularly monitoring fast-food and soft drink promotional activities and report to the authorities.
  3. Regularly organize various programs to aware people about the health food.
  4. Organize various events to aware people about benefit of physical activities (such as walking, cycling).
  5. Organized seminars, workshops, campaign, march to sensitize policy makers about NCD control issues.
  6. Participated National and International level policy discussion meetings.
  7. Review of legislations and Policies to control non-communicable diseases in Bangladesh.
  8. WBB representative nominated a s cancer ambassador by American Cancer Society (ACS).