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Double Rail Line needs to be ensured as soon as Possible to Ensure Passenger Facility in Dhaka- Narayanganj Route

Dhaka- Narayanganj is a popular rail route. Every day many people travel through this route. But they are suffering because of broken seats, inadequate light, fan, sanitation, less coach, less coach for women, old locomotives, invalid coach, non-repaired lines and many more. Double line is necessary to make in this route to reduce passenger suffering. By this it will be possible to make rail self dependent and at the same time the chance of making Dhaka decentralized will increase. And economic development in district level can be ensured. On 18th October, 2015 11am a discussion meeting on ‘Dhaka-Narayanganj Rail Route Observation: Our Recommendations to Increase Passenger Facility’ was held at Poribesh Bachao Andolon (POBA) office jointly organized by POBA and Wok for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust.  

Atiqur Rahman, Project Officer, WBB Trust, said that, Dhaka-Narayanganj rail route is popular because it is safe and economically beneficiary. Demue Train has been bought with 635 crore taka to increase passenger facilities. But it remained unfruitful. But we could buy 20 locomotives and 100 air conditioned coach. 1500 people are being transported with 25 liter diesel. But to carry same number by bus we need 38 buses and 228 liter diesels. So rail is not only safe but also cost effective.

Engineer Md Abdus Sobhan, Executive general Secretary, POBA, said that, one of the major problems of rail is lack of man power. The reason behind this is some legal bindings, lack of coordination and ignorance. It is important to increase the number of train in the Dhaka- Narayanganj Route and manage the level crossings properly.  

Maruf Hossain, Program Manager, LC, NCD, said that, after liberation war there were initiatives to develop rail but it did not continue for long. 2,187 crore taka were spent to build Dhaka- Jatrabari Flyover but 378 crore taka is being delayed to spent for 16 km double rail line. Time table, locomotives, coaches and rail line should be well managed.   

Atiq Morshed, Coordinator, POBA, said that, rail is safe, comfortable, environment friendly and at the same cost effective. It takes 10/15 taka in rail from Dhaka to Narayanganj but in bus it takes 50/55 taka. We must do the best use of our railway workshops.  

Dina Khadija, POBA, said that, we are having projects by spending a lot of money but we are ignoring rail, a convenient mode. The scenario should be changed.

Naznin Kabir, Deputy Program Manager, WBB Trust, giving a separate female compartment is a good initiative. But it should be properly managed so women can get facilities.

Taluder Rifat Pasha, WBB Trust said that, Kamlapur Railway Station is the biggest station in our country. Facilities for disabled people should be ensured there. 

Ahmed Sobhan Jewel and Allama Didar said that, equipments in the compartments should be properly ensured to reduce passenger sufferings.