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WBB Trust family deeply shocked on Suranjit Sengupta's demise

Suranjit Sengupta was an eminent politician, parliamentarian, constitution expert and ex rail minister. He was visionary for rail development and first rail minister for Bangladesh. He guided us to work on rail development as a civil society organization. WBB Trust deeply shocked with his demise. 

We therefore , handed over a formal condolence letter to his family. His wife Jaya Sengupta and son Showmon Sengupta received this letter. This team lead by Atiqur Rahman, project officer of the Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust. While Samiul Hassan Shajib, Abu Rayhan, and Aminul Islam Sujon were present.

Mrs. Jaya Sengupta thanks to Work for a Better Bangladesh for sharing her pain and formal condolence to her and her family. She also wishes to continue work for development of the country.