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Celebration of World River Day

World River Day Coordination Council (forum of 50 organizations) organized a march from Bahadur Shah Park to Buriganga River Bank to celebrate World river day on 23rd September 2017. Before the March a brief discussion was held.

In the discussion the speakers said that, we need to save the rivers for our good. To fight natural calamities we need rivers. Because of climate change the number of natural calamities has increased. We need to take initiatives to save our rivers.

The discussion was presided by Dr MD Abdul Matin, General Secretary, Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA). Inaugurating speech was given by Honorable Minister of Water Resources Anisul Islam Mahmud MP. Other speakers were Sharmin Murshid, Member, World River Day Coordination Council; MD Humayun Kabir, Councilor, Ward no 23, Dhaka South City Corporation and many more. The program was moderated by Sharif Jamil, Joint Secreatray, BAPA.