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One-third of one kilometer footpath lack walkability

Walking is the most convenient mode of transport considering congestion, health, environment, fuel and infrastructure. Unfortunately, there is no amenity like footpaths, at-grade crossing, for pedestrians. As a result, pedestrians, especially, women, children, elderly and persons with disability, suffer a lot while walking. On 23rd February, 2021 Save the Environment Movement (POBA) and Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust jointly organized a walking rally from Science Lab to Kalabangan bus stand and observed about 1 kilometer footpath. While observing it was found out that, one third of this one kilometer footpath lack walkability.

During observation, it was found out that, the footpath is poorly constructed and lack maintenance. Though the footpath has ramp but it is impossible for the wheelchair users to continuously travel through the footpath. The footpath is uneven, broken, has obstacles like construction goods, car and motorcycle parking etc. In addition, there is no at-grade crossing amenity.

Speakers of the program said that, it is important to implement National Integrated Multi-modal Transport Policy, 2013 and Strategic Transport Plan (STP). Both the policy and the plan focus on ‘pedestrian first’. We believe our City Corporations will uphold the rights of the pedestrians and ensure all the amenities necessary for them, such as- lighting, seating arrangement, drinking water, shades etc. Also, we urge to remove all the obstacles like parking, construction goods from the footpaths as soon as possible.

Chairman of Save the Environment Movement (POBA) Abu Naser Khan, Headmaster of Dhaka Ideal Cadet School M A Mannan Monir, Member of POBA MD Selim, Senior Project Officer of Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust Ziaur Rahman, Policy Officer of Institute of Wellbeing (IWB) ANM Masum Billah Bhuyian etc were present in the walking rally.