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Tobacco Industry Interference (TII) Monitoring report during August - September 2020.

WBB Trust has prepared Tobacco Industry Interference (TII) Monitoring report during August - September 2020.

Short brief of the report:

Throughout the year, tobacco companies try to disrupt tobacco control through various interventions. They have continued their activities since before the announcement of the 2020-21 budgets. We have identified a total of 15 company interferences in recent times.The most notable of which was the BAT to provide Tk 9 crore 17 lakh to Bangladesh

Workers Welfare Foundation, Provide 1 lakh saplings to the Dhaka North City Corporation and human chain demanding withdrawal of increased duty on bidis. With the technical assistance of The Union, WBB Trust has collected all the information about the interferences done by the tobacco companies. A brief report on the activities of tobacco companies has been prepared in recent times. Download the Report