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Diversity of Opportunity, Diverse Society

Many groups in Bangladeshi society are falling behind socially and economically. Some of the worst off are people with disabilities and transgender people. Both groups have trouble accessing education, job opportunities, and other basic rights. The law for the rights of people with disabilities is not fully enforced. While transgender people are officially recognized, they are still the victims of prejudice. Discrimination against others harms not only those directly affected, but our entire society, as it deprives us of the contributions that excluded people would otherwise make.

People with disabilities are treated as a burden. Most organizations do not hire them as employees; where they do obtain jobs, accessibility can be a major problem as well as wage discrimination. The situation is even worse for transgender people. Their families often reject them. They may be deprived of an education due to their gender-nonconforming behavior. Society looks down on them. They have almost no job opportunities. Download book.