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Moving Dangerously, Moving Pleasurably: Improving Walkability in Dhaka

To  improve  the  growing  traffic  problems  in  Dhaka,  the  Asian  Development  Bank  (ADB)  is  currently supporting the development of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor that will run between  the airport and Gazipur. It is anticipated that the BRT will carry up to 100,000 passengers daily along  the 20‐kilometre corridor. However, since a large proportion of trips in Dhaka are currently made by  foot, the needs of pedestrians must be addressed if the BRT is to create a positive and efficient  public transit experience. Walking is, in fact, a basic form of mobility in Dhaka and is an important  component of almost every journey taken. When the BRT is fully operational, passengers will need to  walk to and from the stations safely and comfortably.    

To ensure that the BRT corridor not only improves traffic problems in Dhaka but also addresses  the needs of pedestrians, this report presents a BRT Walkability Strategy which provides policy and  infrastructure recommendations aimed at creating an environment in which walking is appealing,  safe, and convenient. The BRT Walkability Strategy can be used as a model for other neighbourhoods  in Dhaka, as well as for other cities throughout Bangladesh, to assist decision‐makers as they strive  to create safer and more convenient pedestrian‐friendly transportation options . Download