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Bangladesh Observed The Global Day of Action Right to Health

  Health advocacy urge govt. to ensure equal access and “right to health” of the public health service. On the occasional of Global Day of Action “Right to Health” health advocates organize a Thanks giving program to the public health service people to empower and recognized their contribution.

    Today, 25th of October Thanks giving program held on at the National Center for Control of Rheumatic Fever and Heart Disease hospital and Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The event organized collaboration with 14 organizations (Nirapad Development Foundation, Pratyasha Anti Drugs Club, Oruandoyer Thorun Dol, Dhaka International University, Green Mind Society, Sasto Andolon, Poribesh Bachao Andolon, LRB Foundation, Mastul Foundation, Achol Trust, Youth Ending Hunger, Rokto Shoynik and WBB Trust).

    Dr. Salma Zareen, Director of National Center for Control of Rheumatic Fever and Heart Disease said “In my professional working period, First time I received such recognition”.

    Dr. Uttam Kumar Baruwa, Prof Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital said “ Thanks giving program innovative approach, that kind of recognition encourage us.

    Organizer said, “The public health has vital rules to ensure Right to Health, and also they mentioned further, the Public Sector in Bangladesh provides healthcare services to the people even they are poor or rich, which is mean anyone can get health service from a public hospital. Specially poor people cannot get healthcare facilities from a private hospital, because private sector health facilities quite expensive. Therefore poor people have to go to the government hospital to get the necessary treatments. But always they criticize the public sector healthcare system. To encourage and empower health service officer we organized this event. #Article25, #Right To Health