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Journey of Car Free Street Begins in Dhaka

Development of public transportation and reduction of using private cars contribute to the betterment of environment, health and economy. Because of prioritizing private cars in transport plan, there is continuous increase in pollution, fuel consumption and congestion in Dhaka. Considering the need of going car free, many cities in the world celebrates car free day. Some cities celebrate car free week or go car free on a specific day of every month. Dhaka has started celebrating Car Free Day since 2006. On 2016, the day started being celebrated with government and non-government joint collaboration. On Car Free Day 2017, Minister of Road Transport and Bridges Ministry, Mr Obaidul Qader MP announced that, Manik Mia Avenue, one of the busiest streets in Dhaka, will remain car free on first Friday of each month. On 10th November 201, the announcement was materialized and Dhaka experienced the wonderful beginning of Car Free Street.

The celebration of Car Free Street was inaugurated by Executive Director of Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA), Mr Syed Ahmmed. In his speech he said that, in first Friday of October, we could not start Car Free Street celebration because of medical examination in Dhaka and first Friday of November was the tragic jail killing day of our four national leaders. So we shifted the celebration. But from December we will celebrate on first Friday. Moreover, Director of Department of Environment, Mr Farid Ahmed, Program Manager of Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust, various non-government organizations, teachers and students from various schools were present there.

On the celebration of Car Free Street, all kinds of motorized vehicles were restricted in Manik Mia Avenue. Various events, such as- art competition, kite flying, yoga, meditation, chess, ludo, bicycling and cycling training were organized. Many gathered in the place just for socialization. Participants of the art competition were awarded with certificate.