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Advertising and promotion of smoking and tobacco products in various stores

A campaign has been launched by the Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust to implement a tobacco control law, calling for the tobacco companies to be punished for violating the law. On November 24, another campaign was launched in and around Shankar to ban advertisements for smoking and tobacco products. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.,

we conduct public awareness activities in Shankar and its vicinity, including distribution of leaflets on the Advertising Control of Tobacco and Tobacco Products Act, 2005. During this time I visited several shops selling cigarettes and other tobacco products in and around the Shankar bus stand. We make them aware of the harmful effects of smoking and urge them to remove all advertisements from tobacco companies.

The sellers responded positively to the campaign, and the sellers of tobacco and tobacco products spontaneously destroyed all kinds of advertising materials, including stickers, posters, printed paper, empty cigarette packs, boxes of well-equipped tobacco companies.


At that time, when they wanted to know about the law banning the advertisement of tobacco and tobacco products, they were informed about it and they were also informed about the fines for violating the law. At this time we distribute leaflets to other vendors in the vicinity and make them aware of the prohibition on advertising.