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Farmers market at Mohammadi Housing Society, Mohammadpur

In Bangladesh, 87% people of the total population suffers from nutrition deficiency due to lack of awareness and access to safe food. Nowadays people are more concerned about food safety. Chemicals and residual effect of pesticides are very harmful for human body. Thus, Department of Agricultural Extension has taken initiative to encourage farmers in safe farming and providing them with training and necessary inputs. Farmers’ market will provide the opportunity to the farmers to sell their safe produce to the consumers.

On 14th October 2022 the inauguration ceremony of the farmers’ market in ward no.33 of DNCC was jointly organized by Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Dhaka North City Corporation, Department of Agricultural Extension, Food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations, and Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust. And speakers opined such during the inauguration ceremony.

This market will operate in front of Jamia Islamia Muhammadi Ashraful Madaris- Etimkhana at Mohammadi Housing Society each Friday from 7 AM to 2 PM and ten farmers from Vakurta, Savar, endorsed by DAE, will sell their safe produce to the consumers.  

The inauguration ceremony was moderated by Ziaur Rahman, Senior Project Manager, WBB Trust and speakers of the program were Mizanur Rahman, Co-Chairman, Awami League, Nabinagar, Dhaka Udyan, and Chandrima Unit; Bazlur Rashid, sub-Assistant Agriculture Officer, Vakurta, Savar; MD Zahangir Alam, Sustainable Agriculture Specialist, DFS Project, FAOBD; and Gaous Pearee, Director, WBB Trust. Besides, ABM Redwanul Haque, Former Joint Secretary, Mohammadpur Thana Chatro League; MD Nazrul Islam, Food System City Coordinator/DNCC, DFS Project, FAOBD were also present in the program