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Ensure of sustainable funding for tobacco control is necessary

According to World Health Organization (WHO), Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are the cause of 60% death in Bangladesh. It is evidenced that tobacco uses is the key reason of these NCDs. To develop overall health system and to reduce tobacco uses it is need to strengthen preventive system. Giving importance on this issue, government has formulated act and rules as well as imposed 1% surcharge in all tobacco products. Need integrated efforts and ensure of sustainable funding to manage the challenge of tobacco control and NCD prevention.

Giving priority on tobacco control and disease prevention it is necessary to ensure sustainable funding in this sector. Government has taken initiative to finalize the ‘Surcharge management policy’ for proper management of surcharge money imposed on tobacco products. In this policy, need to emphasize on the control of non-communicable diseases as well as tobacco. Emphasizing necessity of sustainable funding for tobacco control and NCD prevention, Work for a better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust has organized a signature campaign titled ‘Ensure sustainable funding for tobacco control by at Dhaka International Trade  Fair on 24 January 2017.

While conducting the campaign, Shamin Akter, Project Officer and Shuvo Karmokar, Assistant Advocacy officer of WBB Trust; Towhid ud Doula Reza, Project Officer of AID Foundation; Md. Yousuf, Program Officer of Prodesh; representative from Swapner Siri, Janashartho foundation and other took part.