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Use of salt causes high blood pressure and stroke

Bangladeshi people having more than double salt than required that cause alarmingly increasing risks of high blood pressure in the human body. Every year about 9 million people died of high blood pressure around the world. Salt intake needs to be brought down by half for healthy living.  Necessary steps need to take to avoid dietary salt intake and reduce use of salt in curry and other food

Demand to work in association to make Narayanganj a walking friendly city
Exercise is not the only benefit of walking, there are other benefits like fitness, less environmental pollution, reduce transport and infrastructural cost and many more. Lack of footpaths, poor condition of existing footpaths, absence of zebra crossing, sign and signal, excess speed of vehicles in the narrow streets create obstacles for walking. These problems regarding walking should be identified and solved in Narayanganj City Corporation area. To achieve goal Narayanganj City Corporation and civil society organizations should work jointly. Speakers appealed for a joint initiative on 18th November 2015 Narayanganj City Corporation, Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) subcommittee on Transport System and Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust jointly organized a view exchange meeting on “Activities needed for ensuring walkability in Narayanganj”  at conference room of Narayanganj City Corporation.
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