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Expert opinion to establish Health Promotion Foundation for disease prevention

Due to unhealthy food habit and lifestyle, smoking and addiction to tobacco, drug addiction and unplanned urbanization; Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs; heart attack, stroke, various cancers, diabetes) are rapidly increasing in Bangladesh. According to World Health Organization (WHO) study in 2010, among Bangladeshi population, 98.7% at least one, 77.4% two and 28.3% have three NCDs risk. Moreover, 17.9% and 3.9% people are being victim of high blood pressure and diabetes respectively.

Not increased rail fare, freight transport and proper resource management is necessary to make rail self dependent

On 8th April, 2015; Poribesh Bachao Andolon (POBA) and Work for A Better Bangladesh Trust jointly organized a press conference for this appeal. Assistant Project Officer Md. Atiqur Rahman was the keynote speaker of the press conference and National Advocacy Officer Maruf Hossain was the moderator. Abu Naser Khan, Chairman, Poribesh Bachao Abdolon (POBA) was the chairman of the press conference.

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