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Tobacco cultivation is being discouraged: Motia Chowdhury

Tobacco cultivation is harmful for environment, public health and economy. Besides, land fertility decreases due to tobacco cultivation. Land engaged more in tobacco cultivation results less land for food grains. Considering this, govt. does not provide any kind of support for tobacco cultivation.  Moreover different steps have been taken to discourage it. Honorable Agricultural Minister Begum Motia Chowdhury expressed this in a meeting with delegation of BATA on 04 August 2016 at her office. Secretary of Agricultural Ministry Mr. Mohammad Moinuddin Abdullah was present at that time.

Govt. officials should be cautious about tobacco companies various enticing efforts

Govt. officials should be cautious about tobacco companies various enticing efforts. Speakers expressed this in a seminar titled “Necessity of implementing FCTC article 5.3 and ensuring sustainable funding in tobacco control” jointly organized by WBB Trust, Bangladesh Anti Tobacco Alliance and The Union with the collaboration of Divisional Commissioner’s Office, Dhaka held on 02 August 2016 at Divisional Commissioner’s Office conference room. In the seminar, urge made to pass the draft surcharge policy immediately to ensure sustainable funding for tobacco control. Divisional Commissioner Mr. Helaluddin Ahmed presided over the seminar. 

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